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Annual Rollover of TrackEd

At the end of each year there are no required procedures to prepare TrackEd for the next year. The following are a few suggestions.

  1. At the end of the year it is possible to import your enrolled ‘futures students’ into TrackEd using the student summary import. Be sure to label them as their current year level (eg year 6) so they do not get mixed up with your existing cohorts.
  2. Some schools using Filemaker Server might like to make a backup copy of the live TrackEd file and give it to key staff for offline use over the holidays. Please note if this is done, only one copy can be uploaded back to the server in the new year and there is no ‘merge’ function in TrackEd.
  3. At the beginning of the next year, you should do new student summary imports for all cohorts. This will…
  • update the naming for each cohort
  • update their current year level
  • update their roll class
  • reset their absences and behaviour incidents for the new year
  • add in new students
  • archive students who have left.
  1. At the beginning of a new year it is also helpful to import the latest timetable. This can be done multiple times and it will overwrite the timetable in TrackEd each import
  2. In the new year it might also be a good time to do a ‘system cleanup’. This option is found on the settings page and utilities tab. When run it will give you the option of deleting archived students or removing a whole cohort that has left. Both of these options cannot be undone. Otherwise the system cleanup will just remove any data that is no longer linked to a valid student, making your file a bit smaller.
  3. When new student photos are available, you can go to the settings page and utilities tab to get a new empty student photos file. Just replace your old TrackEd_Photos.fmp12 file with this one and do a new photos import. This will ensure you only have the latest photos in your photos file.
  4. At any time check your version of TrackEd is up to date at v3.trackedapp.com.au
Updated on December 7, 2017

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