Reports Overview

TrackEd offers an extensive Reports section, which allows lists and charts to be created, focusing on a number of different measurements.  The Reports area can be found on the navigation menu at the right of the Student Profile screen.  The reports available will vary a bit, depending on which module you are working in (P-6, 6-10, 9-12).

The options are color-coded by a band of color at the left end of each button.  Green options are related to student standing, purple applies to NAPLAN.  Pink options are for Tracking Template data.  Tracking Template data can be charted or listed in a number of ways, and provides a very flexible option for customizing your own student data analysis.  For more on Tracking Templates, see Using Tracking Templates.

Each of the report buttons is individually explained in this knowledge base.  Search for the button text to find its purpose, or use the “Training” button at the top of the Student Profile screen.  In Training Mode, each button has an “i” that links directly to its write up.

Updated on August 3, 2017

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