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What is new in TrackEd 3?

TrackEd 3 launched in the middle of 2017, replacing both TrackEd Senior and TrackEd Junior as an optional upgrade. We are pretty excited about what can do for schools. While keeping all the functionality that has made TrackEd so popular with schools, this release has a greater focus on ease of use, a whole school approach and more accessible and engaging reporting options. Here are some feature highlights for the TrackEd 3 release and some screenshots are below.

TrackEd 3 Headline Features

  • Newly refined interface design
  • Student profile now more configurable for different phases of learning
  • All cohorts in a single system for a whole school approach (P-12)
  • Multi-file imports to speed up the import process
  • New advanced student find and subject find options
  • New student tagging system for categorising groups of students and list retrieval
  • New 2 page profile option with 6 configurable tabs
  • New configurable Support, Extension and Differentiation data imports and display options
  • At risk student tracking and reporting from P-12
  • Attendance datawall for a whole school.
  • Improved results tabs with GPA history and effort and behaviour displayed
  • New SLIMs QCE point contributions and estimates
  • New imports such as positive behaviour, extracurricular and Rung LOAs
  • New configurable wellbeing index
  • New A-E reporting by class, subject and teacher
  • New Tracking Template data for analysis and comparison
  • New 2D scatter chart with zooming functionality
  • New 3D scatter chart with mouse rotation
  • New Sankey chart
  • New List view options with over 8 pre-configured datawall layouts
  • New ‘grid’ datawall reporting with 10 all-new grid view options
  • New ‘faces’ datawall reporting
  • New PDF bundling options for easier report distribution by class, subject and coach
  • Import history logging
  • Tracking Template import reversal
  • System cleanup routine and old cohort removal
  • Automatic check for TrackEd updates
  • Extensive integrated online help knowledgebase and training videos (coming soon)
  • Many refinements to make TrackEd easier and more intuitive
  • Future training workshops will be based on TrackEd 3
  • Future product development and upgrade releases
  • Be sure to check out our changelog for the latest additions

TrackEd 3 is available now as an annual subscription based on your student enrolments. For an obligation free personalised quote, please email enquiries@trackedapp.com.au with your current student enrolments.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team.

Important TrackEd 3 links

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Training Videos

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TrackEd 3 Screenshots

Updated on October 10, 2017

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